A Little About Me...

My name is Bradford, and I’m a writer, adventurer, and outdoors enthusiast. 

Growing up, I always loved to get outside as much as possible, whether that meant fishing with my dad on an early Saturday morning, playing sports with friends, exploring new trails, or eventually attending college in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

Now, as an adult, it’s easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day life and forget the refreshing feeling of being outside—maybe you can relate.

Camping always helps me find my way back, reminding me how much we have to appreciate in nature. Whether it’s in a cozy tent, a swaying hammock, or just a sleeping bag under the stars, there’s something truly magical about spending the night outside.

That’s why I’m here. I built this website to encourage others to find their way back to nature and make informed decisions along the way. 

My goal is to guide beginner campers and hikers on everything they should know before hitting the trails, connecting them to the awesome gear that I love to use on my own adventures.

Picture of Bradford
Warning: Wild hair is a symptom of being an informed camper...

My Research Process...

I have an in-depth research process that I perform in each category before writing. Below are a few specific details about how I find and rank the products in my articles.

Choosing Gear

Before recommending camping products in each category, I spend hours analyzing and selecting them from what’s on the market. Here are few notes about the process of choosing gear:

  • I comb through hundreds of products in each category to find ones that are commonly recommended by other campers.
  • I read reviews for each one, taking note of common pain points and themes mentioned by multiple customers.
  • I dig into the specs to make sure each product includes the highest-quality materials on the market, ensuring the best experience for me and my readers.
  • I segment out the gear based on whom it’s best for: budget shoppers, premium shoppers, etc.

Ranking Gear

Once the gear passes the initial analysis, and it earns a place on my list of recommendations, I run it through a scoring system that I built for each category to help select the ranking order. Here are some examples of data points I use to score products:

  • Brand reputation
  • Material quality
  • Number of reviews
  • Overall pricing
  • Protection plans available
  • Unique features
Once I score each product on the 100-point scale, I use their ratings to narrow down my recommendations and list them in the articles accordingly.

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